How to Make a Delicious Lasagna For Your Fiancee

In addition to being familiar with the electronics and advanced country, Italy is famous for being among the country’s typical grilled pizzas. Lasagna is a practical and tasty food made from leather. In Italy this food is quite popular and popular because lasagna pertained into traditional Italian food. How to create lasagna quite a bit difficult, but the impact of the difficulty that creates a curiosity, and the end with its tenacity, and experienced can be conquered even make lasagna. Make lasagna for basic ingredients of the skin, you can get it at the nearest supermarket. How to cook it can also be in the oven and filled with meat or can also in addition to meat. Lasagna is just like a mini pizza. Okay, daily recipes will give you a good recipe for creating grilled lasagna, you start it

Tips on creating lasagna

Material :
➛Instant 250 gram lasagne

Sauce material:
➛Fresh grilled meat 500 grams
➛Large carrots 1 pound, rough cut
➛Onions are 1 pound, sliced ​​roughly
➛Garlic 1 clove, finely sliced
➛Large tomato 5 pcs, roughly sliced ​​take the meat, remove the skin and seeds
➛Tomato paste is 170 grams
➛Oregano powder 1 tsp
➛Pepper powder ½ tsp
➛Chicken broth 1 tsp
➛Salt 1 tsp
➛2 tbs sugars
➛Cooking Oil 3 tbsp
➛Water 300 ml

How to create:

  1. Heat the oil over the frying pan and then saute the onion slices and onion puth, woter also, cook until cooked and fragrant
  2. Add the ground beef, continue to cook and stir until the meat changes color. Enter tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, mix well.
  3. Sprinkle with salt, granulated sugar, pepper powder, oregano powder as well as basil powder. Put the water and cook continuously by using a small fire about 20 minutes. Lift and set aside

Cheese Ingredients:
➛1000 ml of liquid milk
➛250 grams of cheddar cheese, in a gentle scar
➛Butter 3 tbsp
➛Wheat flour 3 tbsp
➛Pepper powder ½ tsp
➛Nutmeg powder ½ tsp
➛Salt ½ tsp

How to create: Turn on the stove that is then prepare the frying pan butter until liquid add flour, stir well. Put liquid milk a little while you stir, sprinkle with salt, pepper powder and nutmeg. Add the grated cheese and cook until thick. Lift and set aside

Lasagna sprinkling material:
➛Mozarela 250 grams, coarse grated

Recipe creates lasagna:

Sauce the meat you put and store again on lasagna meat sauce and flush again with meat sauce and last flush with cheese sauce. Save the lasagna on top of the sprinkle of cheese sauce again with the meat sauce and cheese sauce and overwrite the lasagna on it, do until the lasagna runs out. And last sprinkle with mozarela cheese in the top element
After all, put the lasagna input into the oven with a temperature of 180 ° to mature for about half an hour. Lift and serve

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