How to eat healthy?

All doctors and nutritionists today agree on the ” good food ” that can be summarized by: less refined products, less processed products, less sweet products, less salty products, less bad fat without forgetting the reduction of industrial flat and of pesticides in food.In other words, “eating well” means choosing “good foods” for your plate.However, do not forget that eating healthy is also:

  • “Take” really his meal that is to say, take the time necessary to chew, in order to digest well but also to better control his intake of food. Indeed, 15 to 20 minutes after the start of the meal, chewing allows the secretion of a neurotransmitter that commands the brain to stop eating. This signal of satiety is also blurred by fatty and sweet foods, certainly very appetizing
  • Relearn the true taste of food . Our taste is often perverted by all the additives / flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, emulsifiers …, standardizing food. Rediscover tastes according to terroirs, seasons … also participates in good food
  • Cook as much as you can. Cooking allows you to take care of yourself and others, to come into contact with the food, to transform it …
  • Share . Nothing like a meal in a good friendly atmosphere

Eating well: some habits to put in place daily

  • Make a richer meal in the morning than in the evening. Remember the saying “in the morning a meal of king, at noon a meal of prince and the evening meal of poor”.
  • Chew food for a long time. This avoids problems of digestion, we appreciate the flavors and we start the satiety signals.
  • Eat as fresh as possible. Yes to local products, seasonal; transport, storage, conservation … affect the quality of food. A new way of shopping, a new organization … for his well-being.
  • Prefer raw fruits outside of meals. Taken during meals, they slow down digestion. Think about 10 -11h and 17-18h.
  • Consume raw foods at the beginning of a meal . They then trigger beneficial digestive enzymes.

In practice

Breakfast rich in protein
Quality tea, chicory or infusion + your choice:

  • 2 eggs hulls
  • rice with currants + seasonal fruit
  • 1 preparation ERGYNUTRIL or VÉGÉNUTRIL + 1 seasonal fruit at 10h
  • ½ soy yogurt + 2 teaspoons freshly ground barley flour + currants + organic squash seeds + seasonal fruit

Seasonal crudités (seasoning: first cold pressed virgin oil + cider vinegar …)
Steamed vegetables (organic vegetables or garden, consume preferably seasonal products).
A protein of your choice (see below)

In general, reserved for children and adolescents:
Fresh or dried fruits, semi-complete or organic cereals, oleaginous …

Light meal, taken early, without meat to limit putrefaction and sleep disorders.
Favor fatty fish and vegetable proteins.
Depending on the appetite and the season: raw vegetables + vegetables + cereals, or soup of vegetables with cereals, or mixed salad …

If you need sweetness at the end of the meal, think of cooked fruit, infusion, cream made from vegetable milk, homemade fruit pie …

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