Don’t Buy It Wrong, This Italian Cheesecake Is the Perfect Companion When Playing Baccarat with Family

Don’t Buy It Wrong, This Italian Cheesecake Is the Perfect Companion When Playing Baccarat with Family

Creamy cheese flavor and soft texture, cheesecake is among the preferred dessert not a few people in all the world, belonging to Indonesia. Especially if you have spilled toppings or filling, craving for cake is more unbearable.

Although basically this food is created from cream cheese, sugar, and eggs, but actually there are not a few variants. So far, maybe we only know New York and Japanese cheesecakes, even though many countries have their own characteristics, you know! These list are made by the professional Baccarat Player who often play online at as the most trusted Maxbet Agent in Asia.

1. New York

One of the most common and popular types in the world is New York cheesecake. Its solid yet soft texture, and the strong taste of cheese and sour cream make it more popular. Basically, this cake is made from cream cheese, cream, eggs, and sugar.

This is a pure version of cheese and does not use additional ingredients, both on the contents and above. Along with development, New York cheesecakes are increasingly varied, ranging from toppings to the bottom of the cake that often use graham crackers.

2. Italy

Generally, Italian cheesecakes are created using ricotta cheese or mascarpone, sugar, vanlili, and bread flour. Compared to American cheesecakes, the texture of this cake is drier. Cheesake is often served in various celebrations, with various toppings. Italian people often consume cheesecake as an espresso companion.

3. Germany

In German, cheesecake is called Käsekuchen. Usually, this cake uses quark cheese. The bottom is covered with biscuit crumbs, while the topping uses fruits or raisins. Another version of the German cheesecake is Käsesahnetorte, which is a cheese cake added with cream, but not roasted.

4. France

Neufchatel cheese is the main ingredient used in processed French cheesecakes. The texture is lighter because it uses extra meringue or beaten egg whites. For binding ingredients and getting their density, French cheesecakes often use gelatin.

5. Sweden

In Swedish, “ost” means cake and “kaka” means cheese. So they often call it Ostekake or Ostakaka. Unlike the creation of cheesecakes in general, Ostakaka was created by thickening fresh milk using an alias rennet, which can separate milk into solid and liquid elements. After thickening, milk is then roasted.

6. Japanese cheesecake

This cake is often called the Japanese cotton cheesecake because the texture is soft, like cotton. The shape is clearly far in contrast to the European style cheesecake that wants to be heavy and creamy. Japanese cheesecake is lighter, fluffy, with a taste that isn’t too bold. So if you want to eat, more than one piece will not go bad.

Usually people who prefer the power of cheese or sour cream to cheeseake do not match this type of cake. Because compared to cream cheese, Japanese cheesecake has stronger vanilla and egg fragrances.

7. Cheese tart

Cheese tarts belong to a new culinary trend originating from Japan. Masamitsu Sakimoto, CEO of Pablo Japan, is predicted to be the originator of cheese tart one in Japan, even in the world.

You could say cheesetart is a cross between cheesecake and eggtart. You can find super soft cream cheese that has a crispy tart edge.

Although the cheesetart was created large, now there are not a few minor versions in many flavors. Call it greentea, chocolate and moka.

Which one do you like?

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