Authentic Italian Restaurant That Qualified by The Real Italian in Jakarta

How Indonesian People are Carving for Italian Cuisine

Indonesian people are familiar with Italian cuisine. For in addition to football club and pebalapnya, Italy is familiar with tempting dishes. In the big cities of Indonesia, more and more restaurants are marketing Italian cuisine.

Call it pasta, pizza, until tiramisu. The dish can easily be found in restaurants that have a Western menu. But what is true Italian cuisine in Indonesia as delicious as in his country? Michela Linda Magri spoke about his country’s cuisine in Indonesia.

“In Indonesia there are not a few Italian restaurants, let’s talk in Jakarta because I live here There are more than 50 Italian restaurants with Italian native chefs or Indonesian chefs who learn from Italian chefs,” Michela said at The Extraordinary Italian Taste, IIC, Jakarta.

Based on information from Michela, Italian restaurants can be split into two. The first is an Italian restaurant with authentic flavors and cooking techniques that glorify the traditions of the original country. Secondly, there is an Italian restaurant with a taste of fusion cuisine alias mixed with local flavor. “I must underline the latter, it’s not uncomfortable, they’re just not authentic,” said Michela.

If you want to find a restaurant with authentic Italian flavors in Jakarta, according to information from Michela it takes not a bit of time. “Every restaurant serves Italian cuisine from different regions, it takes every day to go if you want to try an authentic Italian restaurant in Jakarta,” he said.

He wrote a number of Italian restaurants in Jakarta that have authentic taste, including Signoria Pasta, Mama Rossy, Gaia, Pesto, Valetino, Cafe Milano, and Toscana. “Not that they are the best but they represent a regional contrary to Italy and promote authentic Italian food,” said Michela. He also suggested, we are about to try Italian cuisine to dig information in advance on the internet. “If a fusion restaurant or a mixed menu, it means not authentic 100 percent.If authentic can be the best Italian restaurant in Jakarta,” said Michela.

Pizza Pizza and Pizza in Indonesia

Italian Cuisine in Indonesia
Pizza Pizza & Pizza

If you come to a number of pizza providers in Indonesia, the tongue of people often directly dig the Italian bread with a soft texture and smooth surface. However, according to the description of the Head Chef at Sapori Deli, Ahmad Gojali, the type of pizza is classified as cheap in Italy.

“It’s a cheap trattoria style, an Italian when it comes to a restaurant like that instantly knows it’s cheap,” Ahmad told CNN Indonesia in Jakarta.

Based on the information from Ahmad, pizza tasted delicious in Italy even have a coarse texture and have air bubbles on the edges.

“There are bubbles because there is still air trapped inside, and if the trattoria pizza is often used in a dough grinder, that good pizza in Italy is flattened by hand, I want to change the style of pizza in Indonesia,” he said.

Ahmad then taught the technique of making pizza that tasted good in Italy. The step is easy, just need the care and attention not unminded.

“Make the dough when I use flour from Italy directly, but use regular flour can, mix the flour with olive oil and yeast like normal bread,” said Ahmad.

The process of creating dough is common. However, the fermentation process that creates the Ahmad pizza is amazing.

“After the dough, fermented first about 36 hours,” he said.

Once ready, the dough will be broken down into portions. Before working on the formation by hand, sprinkle the flour to avoid sticking.

“In this element, the difference is we press these round dough from the middle direction, let the outside elements rather not slightly let it form like a plate,” said Ahmad.

When the pressing process, will feel bubbles dough impact air trapped in it. Ahmad suggested that the process of suppression is not too long.

“Sufficient until it is formed, the longer it is pressed, it will be the pizzas,” said Ahmad.

After a thin round shape, apply a tomato sauce in the middle of the dough. Then, put the dough into a roasting device with a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius in 3 minutes.

“This is where it takes a special skill: do not clean the flour you put with a little tap or else it will not be a golden brown like you want, it’s golden black aka burnt,” Ahmad said.

After three minutes, remove the pizza and give the toppings at will and then melt with the cheese melt. “Put another three minutes into the oven, it should be ignored so as not to burn,” Ahmad said.

The presentation process also can not be arbitrary. “Cut from the middle so that all the elements are balanced, the shape is not beautiful, but it tastes better,” said Ahmad.

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